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    Default Web application using Spring MVC

    Hi Friends,

    I want to do a sample web application using spring framework. That must include following requirments
    i) Spring MVC concept
    ii) handle the client request and generate xml response of any data from database
    iii) datas are all access from database, include any databases like mysql or postgres etc.,

    Kindly help me as much you can

    With Regards,

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    Hi. What kind help do you want that we give you? Actually if you don't try to do it yourself I think that nobody can't help you.
    Skype: petrarsentev

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    Default i am beginner to spring

    I am beginner to spring concept, actually i done some sample application by using online samples.
    I really want to do a web application that must be based on spring mvc concept...
    Still now i didn't got proper sample for my requirements...

    Really i want to do is, handle the client response (get the client input values) and generate a xml response for that request (appropriate to the client request) and it must be based the backend (i,e) database data...

    Kindly help me to start a initial stage using spring in Netbeans IDE...

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