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    Default what is a build script?

    This is a cross-post from here: importing my application into NetBeans. I have received no replies there so I'm posting it again here:

    I have created a rather large Java application from scratch - meaning that it was all done in Notepad (no IDE). Now I would like to import it into NetBeans and make it into a project.

    I tried doing this:

    File >> New Project >> Java Free-Form Project >> and then it asks for a build script.

    I don't know what a build script is.

    All I have are a bunch of .java files and their corresponding .class files. There is packaging and so there is a small folder hierarchy. But apparently I need a "build script" too.

    What is this and how can I make one.

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    Just make a new Project --> Java Application (or Java Class Library, if this is a bunch of library classes without a class that has a p.s.v. main(...) method).

    Then from the operating system's file explorer, copy the packages/folders source tree under the top-level project folder created by NetBeans. In a few seconds, NetBeans will pick up the new folders and files. If it doesn't, close and reopen NetBeans.

    Note: copy the source tree and the source files, not the .class files.


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    NetBeans doesn't seem to like that very much. I browse to where I copied my project folder (under NetBeans default NetBeansProjects folder), select it, and then name the project after the folder name. NetBeans screams at me: Project Folder already exists and is not empty. And won't let me proceed.

    I can't name it anything else; otherwise it creates a new folder under NetBeansProjects with that name and completely ignores the folder containing my copied project.

    That said, I then tried creating a Jave Project with Existing Sources, and with a bit of trial and error, got it up and running.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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