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    Default form appear after ok button clicked

    hello guys,
    i really new to both java and netbeans. i wanna do my 1st gui using netbeans.
    i want to create a form to generate test case.first, user will asked how many parameter they use and i created a text field for the number of parameters then they need to click 'ok' button.for they click the button, i want to display text fields same with the number of parameter they chose.parameter=3, text field=3.

    anyone can help me how to that?please...

    thanks in advance!!!

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    i really new to both java and netbeans. i wanna do my 1st gui using netbeans.
    Bad combination. However much the NetBeans visual designer may appear to be a beginners' tool, it really isn't. Without fundamental knowledge of GUI coding, you'll be bogged down trying to understand both the code and the quirks of the designer.

    I strongly recommend you first learn how to hand-code a GUI. Here's a good learning resource:
    Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing (The Java™ Tutorials)


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