I recently installed the NetBeans (v6.9.1) under Windows XP (32 bit version) on 4GB system. The JDK is version 1.6.0_23. (I'm using NetBeans for PHP programming, but that shouldn't matter for this problem.)

I got "JVM creation failed" when I tried to start NetBeans. I discovered that the problem was incompatibility with one of the applications I use, Dragon Naturallyspeaking 10. If I try to start NetBeans while Dragon is running, I get "JVM creation failed." If I start NetBeans first, then Dragon, it works, but Dragon (at least) behaves quirkily.

I researched the message and tried starting NetBeans with different heap space sizes (the "-J-Xmx" parameter). I couldn't find a value that worked. Small values made no difference; large values gave the error "Could not reserve enough space for the object heap." (I think this means that Windows' 32 bit address space is too small for these applications to coexist.)

I have several questions.

First, can anyone suggest a workaround?

Second, does anyone know whether the latest version of Dragon would work better? (The upgrade is not expensive, but Dragon is generally very difficult to install -- installing version 10 took me a year, by which time version 11 was out -- so installing the current version just to see if it works is not an attractive option.)

Third, is there a way to determine whether it will help to install Windows 7, with a 64-bit address space, and add more RAM?