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    Default HELP: Can different "Java Desktop Database Applications" projects work together?

    i have a menu where the user can select from 3 destination but the thing is i can't connect those with my java desktop database application :/ can anyone help me at least linked them?

    i have already made the 1st project as a java desktop basic application where the selection buttons are

    then the other 3 projects are all java desktop database application, how can I connect this 4 projects to work as one?

    There is also a same scenario on this one like shown in this image below

    can this be done under netbeans?
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    You need to get out of using NetBeans as a code-generation device and use it as an IDE. Then you can study the Swing tutorials and learn and understand Swing coding and solving this would be second nature to you. For one, you would separate your program logic from your GUI code so that it would be easier for logical units to interact. Next you wouldn't create several separate JFrames but instead would create GUI code that's geared towards creating JPanels and then you could place these panels anywhere you'd want to including in dialogs or swapping them by using CardLayouts.

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