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    Unhappy Help plzzzzzz

    Good day,

    Please need your help:

    Implement a user interface for a simple cooking recipe query system in Net Beans.
    The domain description is as follows:

    • A recipe has three main components: ingredients, equipments, directions
    • Ingredients is a “set”, where each element of this set is an ingredient
    • An ingredient is a 3-tuple (amount, unit, name), where amount is a floating point number, unit is an element of the set {tsp, tbsp, cup, oz, gallon, lbs}, and name is a string. For example, 1 tsp salt
    • Equipments is also a “set”, where each element of this set is an equipment
    • Directions is a “collection” of 1 or more step
    • A step is a 3-tuple (action, ingredient, equipment), where ingredient and equipment are defined above, and an action is an element of the set {measure, blend, cream, add, bake, fry, stir}
    • The dish described in the recipe can be part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner

    The query system initializes itself with a bunch of recipes in the form given above. It creates these recipes before prompting the user for query.

    A query works as follows:

    • Display query options: by courses, by ingredient, by equipment, by action
    • If user picks by courses, display available set of courses to the user, in this case breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Ask the user for course choice
    • Output all recipes for that course choice.
    • Perform the query by action similarly.
    • If user picks query by ingredient, ask the user for ingredient, and output all recipes in which the ingredient is present.
    • Perform the query by equipment similarly.


    only I need to implement the user interface :)

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    You've not asked an answerable question or shown any work but rather have dumped an assignment on us. I will lock this thread but invite you to re-ask your question but also to make it a specific question and to show your work.


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