Hi everybody!

I've been programing in java 4 months for my final project, which is to develop new features for an existing control program.

My problem is:
- I have a project in Netbeans (the one i start from)
- inside one package, there is a JPanel (not a JFrame) that is called from the main project.
-now i need to modify it (in the design view) and add some objects (buttons, panels, and so) All the new objects I add are NOT referenced in the source of this JPanel
I mean, if I create a button called "JButton1" and I enter the source
and try to write JButton1.setText("hello"); Netbeans mark the line as an error (Cannot find the symbol)

note: creating objets in the source like JButton bt=new JButton();
is not an option because the layout I need is quite complex.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.