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    Lightbulb Do netbeans create deployement setup like visual studo do for its desktop apps

    hello friends first i want to thank you guys for helping me so much in diff problems which made my work easy and less confusing.

    I have a question here that if its possible to create a setup installer(for win OS) via netbeans to deploy applications (j2se or j2ee) as the visual studio of microsoft creates a fully delopyable setup installer with autorun and runtime libs so you just have to click on setup and next and finish..... easy as it is.

    Thanks and Regards

    Alok Sharma

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    Netbeans create dist folder on your class path when you click run>build main project in netbeans. It will also copy the lib folder and paste it inside the dist folder.

    When you look at the dist folder you will see a .jar file, unlike vb or applications/projects created using java has an exentsion name .jar.

    If you want it to be .exe I think you have to use third party tools (i am not sure but this is what I have read before, but the forums that I read are a year or more ago).

    see this site
    Packaging and Deploying Desktop Java Applications

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    thanks for your reply ,but that was not my question or maybe i didnt explained it well, i know how to create jars etc. using of diff. libs,frameworks what i wanted to know is does netbeans create a deployment setup(installer) because in vs when when you deploy your project, it creates an full fledge installer which includes runtime libraries,framework extensions and classpath setting in it, so your client just have to do a mouse click then next next and finish, simple like that, but in java apps(jar or war) we have no choice but to install java from diff. setup, db system from diff. setup and then set classpaths manually, its not the way for a client who is just a beginner in computer,........... maybe you have got my point now.

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    The dist folder has all the libraries required, and the jar file has the setup, assuming the machine it's deployed to has Java on it. There are no classpaths to set, unless you're doing something unusual.

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