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    Default Problems with javadoc Index search.

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with javadoc Index search in NetBeans
    Looks like NetBeans doesn't work correctly with javadoc in index.
    I have Installed
    - OS Ubuntu 10.4 and
    - NetBeans IDE 6.9
    I followed by steps, that was described in other branch of this forum.
    . I looked at the links and try to find something new to solve problem but there is no any result.
    Ok, where is a problem
    1) registering documentation
    >tools> Java platform
    Choose in platforms javafx (javadoc doesn't work too in index search for java platform)
    Going in tab javadoc
    In this step I tried to do a few variants of add archive link in NetBeans.
    first of all I delete all links that didn't work (that I tried before)
    and then I try different ways to add link on JavaFX API documentation
    - add link on zip archive
    - or add link on unziped folder of archive sdk-api-doc
    - or add link on subfolder sdk-api-doc/javadoc (in this folder is placed index file)

    2) Ok, now this documntation should be accessible in index search
    I am restarting Netbeans
    Going in help>javadoc Index Search (or pressing Shft+F1)
    starting with a clear dialog (there is no any index list in window)
    Typing for example "VPos"
    There is text in the window "Please wait". Waiting... Looks like it buzz!
    If I trying to change search request I saw hint text - No documentation found. But I'm sure that in the pressed documentation existing answer on my request in javadoc Index. Interesting that if I'm pressing Alt+F1 in Edit window of NetBeans in code, looks like link on documentation work and show in a local directory in browser right searching article of documentation.
    Can someone help me to solve a problem with javadoc Index search ?
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