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    Angry glassfish server3 start failed

    i am using netbeans6.9 the java applications run well in it but when coming to the web applications it gives me "GlassFish server 3 start failed".

    in the run console i am getting this message "GlassFish Server 3 Start Failed
    C:\Users\Priyanka\Documents\NetBeansProjects\WebAp plication1\nbproject\build-impl.xml:683: Deployment error:
    GlassFish Server 3 Start Failed
    See the server log for details."

    in the glassfish server tab i am getting this message
    "Welcome to Felix
    26 Jul, 2010 9:05:47 AM com.sun.enterprise.glassfish.bootstrap.ASMain main
    INFO: Launching GlassFish on Felix platform
    INFO: Perform lazy SSL initialization for the listener 'http-listener-2'
    INFO: Starting Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o - Mon Jul 26 09:05:53 IST 2010
    INFO: Starting Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o - Mon Jul 26 09:05:53 IST 2010
    INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o started in: 92ms listening on port 7676
    INFO: Using com.sun.enterprise.transaction.jts.JavaEETransacti onManagerJTSDelegate as the delegate
    INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o started in: 195ms listening on port 4848
    INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o started in: 161ms listening on port 3700
    INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.18-o started in: 174ms listening on port 8181
    INFO: SEC1002: Security Manager is OFF.
    INFO: Security startup service called
    INFO: SEC1143: Loading policy provider .
    INFO: Realm admin-realm of classtype alm successfully created.
    INFO: Realm file of classtype alm successfully created.
    INFO: Realm certificate of classtype .CertificateRealm successfully created.
    INFO: Security service(s) started successfully....
    INFO: Created HTTP listener http-listener-1 on port 8080
    INFO: Created HTTP listener http-listener-2 on port 8181
    INFO: Created HTTP listener admin-listener on port 4848
    INFO: Created virtual server server
    INFO: Created virtual server __asadmin
    INFO: Virtual server server loaded system default web module
    INFO: Loading application WebApplication1 at /WebApplication1
    INFO: Loading WebApplication1 Application done is 7867 ms
    INFO: GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.0.1 (22) startup time : Felix(4309ms) startup services(9458ms) total(13767ms)
    SEVERE: Shutting down v3 due to startup exception : Address already in use: bind: onitorableSelectorHandler@1b5139e
    INFO: Server shutdown initiated
    INFO: [Thread[GlassFish Kernel Main Thread,5,main]] started
    INFO: {felix.fileinstall.poll (ms) = 5000, felix.fileinstall.dir = C:\Users\Priyanka\.netbeans\6.9\config\GF3\domain1 \autodeploy\bundles, felix.fileinstall.debug = 1, = true, felix.fileinstall.tmpdir = C:\Users\Priyanka\AppData\Local\Temp\fileinstall-2768660719086316922, felix.fileinstall.filter = null}
    INFO: {felix.fileinstall.poll (ms) = 5000, felix.fileinstall.dir = C:\Program Files (x86)\glassfish-3.0.1\glassfish\modules\autostart, felix.fileinstall.debug = 1, = true, felix.fileinstall.tmpdir = C:\Users\Priyanka\AppData\Local\Temp\fileinstall-1866105366691338578, felix.fileinstall.filter = null}
    INFO: Started bundle: file:/C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/glassfish-3.0.1/glassfish/modules/autostart/org.apache.felix.scr.jar
    INFO: Started bundle: file:/C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/glassfish-3.0.1/glassfish/modules/autostart/osgi-web-container.jar
    INFO: Shutdown procedure finished
    INFO: [Thread[GlassFish Kernel Main Thread,5,main]] exiting

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