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    Default Connecting and Inserting Images to a java form.

    Am developing a database web driven application.I created my login page containing UserName and Password fields.When I Insert data into both fields and I click the login button,a message appears-Login Successfull but the next form isnt TRIGGERED.Can anyone help me with that Java code that will enable me TRIGGER/RETRIEVE my next form and where to place that code.
    Lastly I want to Insert an Image onto my java form.Where do I put the Image amongest my project folders or which icon do i use from the pallete window to do that?

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    your button only displays message.
    Java Code:
    In index.jsp,
    <h:commandButton action="#{login.confirmUser}"/>

    In face-config.xml,
    Java Code:

    Java Code:
    public String confirmUser() {
            EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();
            try {
                Query query = em.createNamedQuery("Login.findByLoginName");
                query.setParameter("loginName", user_name);
                Login log = (Login) query.getSingleResult();
                //-- if condition, if correct go to this page
                if (log.getLoginPassword().equals(user_password)) {
                    System.out.println("---* Login is Success!!! *---");
                    return "Success";
                } else {}...
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