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    Default [Help] How to create a database inventory program

    I am new in programming and i dont know how to call a particular dialog/frame with table on it.

    My project is a inventory database program using mysql as a database.

    attached here is my planned front window,

    and when the first button is clicked i want a window to be called (2nd screenshot), it contains a table and buttons that will be use to create, edit and delete a new record, and to refresh the data in the table,

    and when i click the new/edit button i want a 3rd window to popup(3rd pic), this frame/dialog form will be use to type in the data and contains a couple of buttons to save the data or cancel.

    can someone help me with the calling and the codes. i do not know exactly the correct codes for this.

    what should i use for the windows, should i use a frame form, dialog form? or something?

    what is the best form for each of the windows - for the front, the one with the table, and the editor window?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [Help] How to create a database inventory program-front.jpg   [Help] How to create a database inventory program-window2.jpg   [Help] How to create a database inventory program-window3.jpg  

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    How is this post different from your other question that is still active? I'm considering this a double post and locking it. If there is something significantly different about, please private message me and I'll unlock it. Otherwise, let's not fragment this discussion into many competing threads... continue your discussion in the original post. Then if you have another completely different question, start a new thread.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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