I am using NetBeans 6.5.

I have some web projects that share libraries. I donīt want add those libraries in all projects, first because these would too much size for each .war, and also because this would not a very good idea.

Searching in the web I find this:

Sharing Project Libraries in NetBeans IDE 6.1 - Tutorial

I created a web project without sources, only for add libraries [A project] (mysql, common-digester, hibernate...) and I did the "To make a web or Java EE project's libraries sharable upon project creation" point.

Then when I choose one of the order web project [B project] with my sources and entered in Properties -> Libraries -> Add project and click in the A project not have any result, no libraries show in the rigth window for selected it.

What I doing bad?

These are the step that I have to do?

Wich is the most better for sharing libraries in many projects?

Thanks for your answers.