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    Angry NetBeans hangs on startup

    Does anybody else have this problem?
    My NetBeans application instralled on my Laptop (Windows XP) suddenly started to hang during startup. It hangs for about 30min during "starting Modules" and then runs normally afterwards. Everything else can be used normally while it hangs.
    To solve this, I alredy uninstalled it and installed the newest version, I also have the newest JRE and JDK installed, but it makes no difference.
    So it isn't serious, but it's damn annoying.
    any ideas what else I could try?

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    From the information you gave, I can only make a couple of guesses:
    1. Is it accessing the network to check for updates?
    2. Do you have a firewall or AV that's hitting it?

    Presumably everything else is running OK on your PC?

    I run an old AMD 3200+ and NB 6.8 starts real quick except I have a JVM problem which brought me to this forum (see other thread). But you're well past that stage with your modules.

    Have you searched nabble?

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