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    Default Maven src and netbeans


    I'm given a folder that contains :-
    javaupload (folder)
    -> src (folder)
    -> b (windows batch file)
    -> maven.xml
    -> project.xml
    -> sing (windows batch file)

    Under the src folder, contains the following folders :-
    -> conf
    -> java
    -> resources
    -> test

    Separately, I have a dependencies folder. In the folder, there are :-
    -> commons-collections-3.2.jar
    -> commons-io-1.1.jar
    -> commons-lang-2.1.jar
    -> core-1.0.jar

    Can anyone advise how I can put these into netbeans, so that I can modify the codes and customize it?

    What I have done so far is :
    I create new project from NetBeans. However NetBeans do not recognize the structure that I have.
    Then I create a new Maven Project, and tried to copied the src folders into the src, but it doesn't work.
    Have no idea how to integrate the rest of the files in. Any headstart much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Hi all,

    found out that it's actually because the files given are in Maven 1. So I installed Maven 1 . However, when I want to create a project according to this
    I typed maven site . It gives me build failed. Then I typed "maven tool:build" , I get the error "No pom file was found, assuming default settings!" and "Goal tool:build doesn't exist in this project" .

    How can I create the pom file manually, (I have no idea why it doesnt exist at the first place) and how I can get the tool:build to work?


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