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    Red face Java Program Using Databases For Uni Project!

    Hi guys (posted this in 'newtojava' thread but thought it may be better here as i am using netbeans to create this prog!).

    Wondering if anyone could be kind enougth to give me some advice regarding a project i am planning for my final year at uni studying Computer Science.

    I have to make a program for a film store which enables the staff to store information regarding customers, films etc.

    I have made a program using java which requests customer info (age, name, address, etc) and the same for movies (titles, ratings etc).

    I have also created a databse to store the diffrent movies avaliable (movie name, quantity etc) using Access.

    The trouble i am having is linking the program to the database for example if i have a GUI which asks for the searched movie title how can i get the java program to interact with the database to retieve data? (i know i will have to use SQL somewhere down the line) but the trouble im having is finding out exactly how to link the database to the program and where to use the SQL coding to perform actions!

    Any help will be much appreciated guys.



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