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    Default how to add GlassFish2.1 server with Netbeans5.0 IDE? PLZ HELP...

    i am using netbeans ide 5.0(bundled tomcat).

    now for EJB i need to install a heavy weight server like glassfish. i have downloaded glassfish2.1 and unbundled it.

    but when it comes to add that server with the netbeans5.0,it fails.

    when i am inserting the glassfish folder path in the required place in the netbeans' "add server" program, it says invalid location.

    i browsed the net and followed the instructions, but may be i am wrong.
    can any one tell me what is the procedure.

    plz reply soon.

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    your best bet is to download and install the more robust version of netbeans. I use the "all" version just to have everything, but the "java" version has glassfish included in it as well.

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