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Thread: I Need Help >_<

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    Unhappy I Need Help >_<

    Hello. I need help.
    Ill go straight to the point:

    I have 3 classes:
    public class AssembledPart extends Part
    static Part part0 = new Part(null,null,0, 0);
    static Part part1 = new Part(null,null, 0, 0);

    public AssembledPart(String ID,String name, int stockLevel,double unitPrice,Part p0,Part p1)
    super( ID,name,stockLevel,unitPrice);

    static public int getAvailForAssembly()
    int min;
    if(part0.getStockLevel() >= part1.getStockLevel())
    return min;

    The first one, AssembledPart, is a sub- class of Part. In this, please pay attention to the 3 static variables and method.

    The second one is the super class, Part:
    public class Part{
    private String ID;
    private String name;
    private int stockLevel;
    private double unitPrice;

    * Constructor
    public Part()
    ID = null;
    stockLevel = 1;

    public Part(String ID, String name, int stockLevel, double unitPrice){
    this.ID = ID; = name;
    this.stockLevel = stockLevel;
    this.unitPrice = unitPrice;

    public String getID(){
    return ID;

    public String getName(){
    return name;

    public int getStockLevel(){
    return stockLevel;

    public double getUnitPrice(){
    return unitPrice;

    * Replenish the inventory
    public void replenish(int qty){
    stockLevel += qty;

    * Suppply.
    * Return the cost of the supply if there's enough in stock
    * otherwise return -1.0
    public double supply(int qty){

    if (qty <= stockLevel){
    stockLevel = stockLevel - qty;
    return (qty * unitPrice);
    else if (qty <= stockLevel+AssembledPart.getAvailForAssembly()){

    AssembledPart.part0.stockLevel= AssembledPart.part0.stockLevel - qty + stockLevel;
    AssembledPart.part1.stockLevel= AssembledPart.part1.stockLevel - qty + stockLevel;
    return (qty * (unitPrice + AssembledPart.part0.unitPrice + AssembledPart.part1.unitPrice));


    return -1;

    Please note the supply method, in which used the static method and variable in the AssembledPart class. And I think it is necessary.

    It will have no problem if I dont have the 3rd class:
    public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    Part[] P = new Part[4];

    P[0] = new Part("p101", "Crank", 218, 12.20);
    P[1] = new Part("p102", "Pedal", 320, 14.30);
    P[2] = new Part("p103", "HandleBar", 120, 35.50);
    P[3] = new Part("p104", "Stem", 90, 20.00);

    AssembledPart[] AP = new AssembledPart[2];
    AP[0] = new AssembledPart("p183", "Crank-Pedal", 80, 3.50, P[0], P[1]);
    AP[1] = new AssembledPart("p184", "HandleBar-Stem", 30, 1.50, P[2], P[3]);



    The problem is here: When I declare an array for Assembled Part, please notice the last 2 arguments, which are P[0] and P[1], then P[2] and P[3]. because of static variable I declared earlier in AssembledPart class, when I declare AP[1] with P[2] and P[3], AP[0]'s 2 last arguments, which suppose to be P[0] and P[1], change in to P[2] and P[3].
    Now, I dont know what to do. If I dont declare variable and method in AssembledPart as static, I will be able to do Main class, but unable to pass the method and variable to Part class. If I do, then the Main class will not run.

    HELP ME PLEASE!! This is urgent.
    MANY thanks.

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    your program seems containing logic problem...
    super class use subclass object in its method...?

    you better reconstruct your program...
    if you dont...
    i suggest to use non-static variable and non-static method in AssembledPart
    and supply method in Part, you add to accept 2 more input parameter Part p1, Part p2

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