Hi. I'm doing a project, basically making a custom mediplayer.
I have a JList that serves as my playlist. This JList contains Trial objects. A trial is a JPanel Form in Netbeans. I want to add my own components to trials using the "design mode" in Netbeans. I add a component (in my case, a scrollpane containing a textarea). So far, not a problem. However, I need to be able to programmatically resize this textarea AND its jscrollpane. Resizing the textarea actually works as it should. Calling setPreferredSize resizes the size of the textarea, which is just the scrollpanes viewport. I can see this works by looking at det size of the sliders. However, calling setPreferredSize on the jscrollpane does nothing. Neither does setSize. The maximum size is also more than large enough. If I add a button, it is also not able to recognize clicks or other actions. I don't know if this is a related problem, but my guess is that it is.

I can however resize the Trial itself. Which I find a bit weird. There seems to be some call missing in order to get the components in a JPanel Form to work.

Can anyone help me out? :) Thank you!