hi can some one get me the codings for the problem below.Its an assignment

create a class containing a number of static methods for processing an array of marks which are scores ina test.each mark is an integer in the range 0 to 100
you will be provided with a class marks which has a method getmarks that returns an array for you to use in testing.
The class processmarks that you create will have the methods specified below.most will accept an array of marks as an arguement one will accept an array of characters.The return type should be appropriate for the returned value.

The max ,min and range methods will return the maximun mark,the minimum mark and the difference between the maximum and minimum marks respectively

The mean and stddev methods will return the mean and standard deviation of the set of marks .

The median method will return the median value of the set of marks.the medianvalue is the middle one when the values are placed in order.to obtain an ordered version of the marks you may use an appropriate sort method of the javas api's array class.if there is an even number of marks ,the middle value is taken as the average of the two values that are nearest to the middle

The mode method will return the mode of the set of marks ,which is the most commonly occuring mark.To find the mode,use an ordered version of the set of marks,as used for finding the median.if there is more than value that is most common,anyone of the most common values will do for the mode.

The grades method will return an array of characters,which are the grades corresponding to the integer marks in the array of marks.The grades are to be assigned using the following lower boundaries for the corresponding marks:for grade A,the lower boundary is 85;for grade B ,its 75;for gradeC;its 65,
for grade D,its 50 and E is the grade for all other marks.

the gradeDistn method will accept an array of characters which are the grades assigned for the array of marks,such as returned by the grades method.The gradeDistn method will return an array of integer values containing the distribution of grades ,which is the number of occurences of each grade in the assigned grades.The characters used for grades are fixed.The return array should provide the distribution inorder from grade A to grade E.

Test your processmarks class,either by providing test codein main method within that class or in separate class.The grades would be displayed 30 perline with a apace separator between grades.The grade distribution should be displayed in the form:

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