Ok here is the situation..

i am trying to build a simple GUI video player in java. The way i try to do this is by creating a simple frame, add a button and the rest is acording to the player i am using.

During my research i found several ways of using video players in java application:

JMF:Java media framework...difficult to deal with..lack of codecs

Jvlc:Vlc library...i cant find ANY example code..or any tutorials

Quicktime for Java: I did manage to embed a video player by using the Quicktime API. The program is working as follows:press the button, a file chooser appears, we choose the video and then the video is displayed on the frame. So far so good.Now what i want to do is to play the video from a stream (http or mms) but I CANT!!! quicktime doesnt play any streams i tried!!!

So..the only way i did manage to produce the video on the frame is with quicktime...but i cant play streams with quicktime..which this is the purpose of the program (to play video streams). I even tried to open QT player, try to open a stream and nothing...qtplayer couldnt open the stream (where other programs did).

ANY ideas??? It looks like there is no way to play streamed video in java (for JMF i need additional plug-ins for codecs blah blah)