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    Post How to load new libraries

    Hi pple,
    I downloaded the jfreechart library tool.Am trying to add a new library to my project but its not workin.I can see the library in the list but when i try to import a package associated wit the library its not seen.
    Anybody with an idea on how to go aboutt it?
    your response will be higly appreciated

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    Default add library to build path

    you have to add the library to the project build path (or classpath).

    in Netbeans you have to go to the Properties of your project and in the Libraries tab you can add it with Add Library or Add JAR.

    in Eclipse you have to go to Configure build path of your project or something like that.

    without an IDE you have to add the jar with the java -cp or -classpath option:
    java -cp some.jar MyMain

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