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    Question how can take a specific value from a Querystring with multple queries

    Like mypage.jsp?nm1=val1&nm2=val2
    how can I take the value only from nm1???

    am using JSP on Net Beans and the query string usually cums ou like
    if mypage.jsp?nm1=val1 the value is "nm1=val1"

    I'm sort of new so.....:D pls
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    String nm1Value = request.getParameter("nm1");
    String nm2Value = request.getParameter("nm2");

    This is not a question related to NetBeans. Please post your question on appropriate sub forum to get answer quickly. Please also tell us first what JSP tutorial, what Servlets tutorial you followed and couldn't solve this problem by your own. There are lots of JSP and Servlets tutorials on the internet. I suggest you read them first and try and ask specific questions here.

    with regards

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