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    Default Table Help

    Hi, i need to be able to alternate colours in my table. Such that the first row is blue, the second is yellow and so on. How can i implement it into my code?
    Help will be greatly appreciated.

    Java Code:
    <&#37;@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
            <title>Count to 10 Example(using JSTL)</title>
            <table border = 1 name = "index">
                <c:forEach var="i" begin="1" end="5" step="1">
                            <c:out value="${i}" />
                            <c:out value="${i*2}" />
                            <c:out value="${i*3}" />
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    I can show you how I did that in struts, maybe you can conver the basic idea to your code. I defined a variable named color based on if the row number was odd or even.
    Java Code:
    <bean:define id="counter" value='<&#37;=ctr.intValue() % 2 + ""%>' />
      <logic:equal name="counter" value="0">
        <bean:define id="color" value="gray" />
      <logic:equal name="counter" value="1">
         <bean:define id="color" value="white" />
    This was all inside an iterator for a list that was displaying.
    then I had a stylesheet with that stye name in it such as
    .white td {background: #fff;}

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