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    Default Deployment error in Netbeans

    I have created a project in Netbeans but whenever I run the project
    (or even a single jsp) it gives the message that there is conflict on port 8080.Check the server logs for details....wht to do??

    I am using oracle 9i SQL plus as the backend and have provided the connectivity.

    The exact error msg is as shown:

    C:\Documents and Settings\259241\My Documents\NetBeansProjects\GPA_new\nbproject\build-impl.xml:552: Deployment error:

    Please help!!

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    It seems that two services are running on the same port. When you run any web project from net beans which server is getting selected, glassfish/tomcat? As from the port number you mentioned it looks to me tomcat is getting selected which typically runs on port 8080 and on same port probably oracle http server is also running. So you can try either of the two ways, when u make the new web project select glass fish as the target server or else
    stop the oracle http server from control panel-admin tools- services.

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