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    Default Noob problems with netbeans

    Hey, ive recently decided to learn java. I downloaded the netbeans ide and have two small problems.

    I have created a simple GUI, in the main file I then added a new class to the same project called

    If i go to the right click and run file it displays the GUI no problem. However it ignores the fileoptions class.

    So i went to the project, right clicked and pressed run. Everything builds fine, but no gui is displayed.

    So i click on the project and build, it builds ok and but no gui appears, it tells me i can run it from command line using java -jar c:\ etc..

    so i copy and paste that into a command prompt and it runs ok, but still no gui appears.

    so then i locate the jar file and double click, however no gui appears.

    Im not sure how to make the gui work outside of runing one file on netbeans.

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    Can you post some code like where about's the fileoptions is referenced in your main wiki file.

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    Basically how your classes are interact. I think there is no connection at all. You said that separately you can run and see that UI. But from one class call fileoption class you cannot see that. Either you have to instantiate that UI class in the main method of the fileoption class or something else.

    It's better if you can show your code to see. Without looking that it's difficult yo answer your question.

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    Try using the setVisible(true) method I forget to do that sometimes and exactly the same thing happens
    If you don't try you can't succeed.

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