In my project have a Visual MIDlet that, inter alia, contains a list called 'Travel' with two list elements: 'Greece' and 'Turkey'. I have created two Visual Designs: 'VisualDesignGreece' and 'VisualDesignTurkey'. I have connected a list element 'Greece' (from my Visual MIDlet) with the VisualDesignGreece via Call Point and Entry point functions. And I did the same thing for 'Turkey'. Now, that works fine, but my question is: how to make that my back command from the 'Greece' list (in VisualDesignGreece) performs back to the list 'Travel' in my Visual MIDlet class?

This is how I did the connection between the Visual MIDlet class and the VisualDesignGreece:

VisualMIDlet source code:

public class VisualMIDletClass extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {

private boolean midletPaused = false;
public VisualDesignGreece VDG;
public VisualDesignTurkey VDT;

* The TravelMIDletClass constructor.
public TravelMIDletClass() {
VD = new VisualDesignGreece(this);
VDT = new VisualDesignTurkey(this);

And I wrote in the Call Point: VDG.MethodGreece();
//MethodGreece is the name of the Entry Point in VisualDesignGreece

That works fine, but how to get back from the 'Greece' list to the list 'Travel'?
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance...