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    Default cudnt run jar file builded in netbeans!

    hi all,
    im new to java. i have developed a small desktop app using swings. it is working fine in the IDE but when running the jar file, it is giving error.
    problem might be of the path of txt file i have read in the program.
    please tell me how to refer a local file in the jar file.
    i kept a txt file in the resources folder in the jar file and want to access it from my java file.
    i have used getClass().getResource("/xyz/resources/abc.txt");
    but it is not working properly after building jar.

    any suggestions/solutions is appreciated.

    thanks in advance!

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    it is giving error.
    Please copy and paste full text of error here.
    In the path to the resource, leave off the leading /

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    pranav13, you have discuss quite similar question in another thread. So it's better to stick with one, actually with the other one. Because lots of replays you can find there.

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