I just downloaded the NetBeans plug-in for JavaFX and the most frustrating thing happened as I started to code: the size of my indentations was reset (from two spaces to four spaces). I know this isn't a big deal to some of you, but I am quite perfectionist, and if my code isn't formatted the way I want, something comes unlatched in my brain and I can't do anything else until it is the way I want it.

I checked the Indentation option in the NetBeans preferences first, and it shows it is set at two spaces (what I want). When I hit enter after typing an opening brace ("{"), the next line is indented four spaces. Next, I started up a new, non-JavaFX file to see if would would indent four again; it didn't. I deleted the existing JavaFX file and made a new one; it indented four.

Do different plug-ins have different preferences? If so, how do I change them? If not, well, what's wrong and how do I fix it (so that I can indent two spaces in JavaFX files)?

You know what? Forget the "what's wrong;" I want to know just how to fix it.