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    Default Java NetBeans IDE 6.1 Desing out of control, help needed!!! Please...


    I have a problem positionning the components in the desing view in NetBeans IDE.
    I see some tutorial, its look realy easy but still, I don't get the result I want.
    Did it exist a way to fix(lock) my component using the desing view?
    When I try to rezise or move my component, the others start moving to and rezise making a complet non-sense and it's the free-for-all help!

    Anyone know a link talking of desing in the netbeans more that the basic?(English or french or anyway any other language it's will stay more easy to understand than the move of the components in my interface)
    How to select deselect blue anchor when I rezising to select what components will affect another one?

    I know it's suppose to be more easy but maybe I do sometinhg wrong when I use the desing view I consider using another ide now ...

    Thanks for your help and comment!

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    Rightclick on <JFrame>, then choose <set Layout> and then <AbsoluteLayout>.

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