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Thread: netbeans 64 bit

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    Default netbeans 64 bit

    Hi there;
    I am new to both this forum and netbeans.
    I am using 64 bit Windows XP Pro on an 64 bit amd hardware.

    Where shall I download netbeans for such a system configuration?
    I checked for the netbeans site, downloaded a version of 5.5, but when I try to install netbeans it says; it couldnt find the jdk, even if I show the jdk to netbeans, it closes the application with an error message.

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi Casper,

    I guess that error is not related to your CPU architecture.

    If you have a different locale, try to change it to English just before you try to install NetBeans. After the installation, you can change it to its previous state.

    I am in Turkey and had a similar problem here. The installation of NetBeans has such a bug and it worked for me if i install it with English locale settings.

    If this does not work, you can download the distribution as a zip file, extract it to a folder you want and use it by double clicking on its executable.

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