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    Default How to upload a dynamic website?

    Hi All,

    I have made a project on Netbeans 6.1 using JSF architecture and Apache Tom Cat 6.0.14. The database is Microsoft Sequel Server 2005. I want to host it on a website. I am prepared to purchase web space for web hosting.

    What features should be available in the web hosting package? Is there any good company that provides it? This is the first time I am doing it. I have a rough idea that the .war file of the project is required. What files should be added on the web space that enables proper functioning? Any tutorial or references are welcome.


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    Following are various snippets I have collected regarding web hosting, I hope you something of use:

    ** Hosting Tips, tricks and traps:
    Beware of "24/7 tech support" claims. A lot of bogus claims about tech support and uptime are made by some of

    these guys. Start out with month-to-month service so you can change if you aren't happy. If you decide you

    like their service, you can pay a year in advance and get a good discount with most services.

    "99% uptime" means they can be down 7 hours per month without violating your service agreement.

    NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, let your service provider manage your domain name. I've heard horror stories of companies just refusing to talk to you if you have a dispute. If they manage your domain name, they own it, and they will hold it hostage. Register the domain with Network Solutions or whoever and then you can update the name servers to anyplace you want. Don't fall for the "Free" domain name registration offer.

    If you need secure access, getting an SSL cert might cost extra, be sure to check.

    ** Hosting Providers:
    See for ratings of different web hosting services.

    I've used before. I've had good luck with them but the only real tech support they have is through ICQ chat. They are cheap, fast and you get a ssh login to your Linux server as well as ftp access. Through ICQ they respond quickly when they are up, but they aren't on 24/7 and they never seem to respond to e-mail. With their more expensive plans ($20/per month) you get a private copy of Tomcat you can restart at will. They default to Tomcat 4 but you can request Tomcat 5 instead. You get MySQL databases, e-mail
    accounts, etc. Depending on the plan you choose.
    I've never used them but the guys at vouch for them. (Rick Finch)

    Lunar Pages @ I've used them for years. Highly regarded and most bang for your buck.

    Excellent support. Be sure to request the JSP add-on, though. (Doug.Thomas)

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