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    Default Normailzing Job Title

    I have master list of known job titles and associated job counts.
    I am looking for ways to extract the same from the searched term. For example:

    Searched job title: Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
    Extracted to: Senior Digital Marketing

    Searched job title: Retail In-Store Sales Assistant; Full Time
    Extracted to: Retail Sales Assistant

    For boosting up the term search I have planned to tokenize the searched job title and calculate:
    1) The occurrence of the tokens taken 2 at a time and matching it with master list of job titles.
    2) The occurrence of token taken 1 at time and finding the job count.

    Please suggest ideas for cleaning or extracting the job title. Should I look for some other parameters as well for better results.

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    Default Re: Normailzing Job Title

    This seems like a job for 'gestalt matching': JUL88: PATTERN MATCHING: THE GESTALT APPROACH

    kind regards,

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