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    Default Lucene Index with file system

    I have created a Lucene indexer which will periodically look into a file system folder to read the content of latest files to update the lucene catalog.

    Problem arise, If we delete any file from above folder then above Indexer doesn't understand which file gets deleted so the same could be remove from catalog.

    Can any one please tell me how to resolve this issue.

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    Default Re: Lucene Index with file system

    What you could do is create a sort of trigger file for all files which are indexed, so if you have a file 'document.doc' then you also create an empty file 'document.doc.idx' at the moment you indexed it. If at one point you do a scan of the existing documents and you only have the file 'document.doc.idx' left over but not the 'document.doc' file, then its time to remove the lucene index record.

    Alternatively you can of course periodically run a scheduled task to rebuild the entire index from scratch in a quiet moment, usually at night.
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