Ive been using lucene for a little while now and suddenly came upon this wierd situation, any help will be highly appreciated.

Ive got a field called SEARCHABLECONTRACT, the possible values in this field are 'Yes' and 'No', and am using the standard analyzer.
When i pass the value Yes to the field, the Query parser works as expected and returns a BooleanQuery +(SEARCHABLECONTRACT:yes)
But when i pass the value No, the parser simply gives me no BooleanQuery, the result is empty

Have been searching the net to find if 'No' is a keyword, couldn't find anything.
Ive tried to pass the value No inside quotes, but no avail.

For testing purposes, im using the following jar
lukeall-3.5.0.jar - luke - Luke 3.5.0 standalone binary - Luke - Lucene Index Toolbox - Google Project Hosting

Even here, the field when searched with the value no, simply does not get parsed.

Please help!