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    Default Fuzzy Search Results = Most Relevant on Top


    If I do a fuzzy search for Smith, and I have an IndexKey 'FamilyName', with smith and smath, when I do this query

    The results are showing Smath at the top, why is this so, and how can I make it show the most relevant results on top?

    Here is a groovy query, which runs off Neo4j Db:
    query = new QueryContext( '+(FamilyName:smith~^8)' ).sort( new Sort([ SortField.FIELD_SCORE ] as SortField[] ) )


    Any tips is appreciated, I would imagine that Smath would have a LOWER field score than Smith?

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    Default Re: Fuzzy Search Results = Most Relevant on Top

    Make sure you are sorting documents by relevance.
    I have used same query for fuzzy search and sorted the documents by relevance than its giving me correct results:

    Exact match will have more relevance.

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