I am searching for an elegant way to search for specific keywords only instead of having a full-text search with Lucene. At the moment I have implemented a full-text search but I am not happy with this.

I had the idea to just index a list with keywords which are connected with paths to find the documents in question but here many human mistakes are possible. Is there any possibility to implement a keyword search where human mistakes are ruled out?

It should be easy to handle for someone with no programming experience at all, so it won't be too good if the keywords were indexed in the document itself.

Could this be done for example if only titles were indexed by Lucene and all that needs to be done by Lucene is indexing the title fields and if to can I implement a restriction in the the indexer I have already implemented to only index titles and not all the fields a document has? So that search only touches title fields which contain keywords?

I would be happy if anyone had a good idea how I could solve this problem.

Best wishes,