searched this one, but didn't find satisfying results, here my problem:

my project requiers the fieldname to support space characters, but as a matter of fact the query results wrong after parsing. following my example:

Java Code:
String searchTerm = "+machine supplier:(dell OR medion) AND +HD:(200 OR 500)";
QueryParser parser = new QueryParser(Version.LUCENE_30, "ID", new KeywordAnalyzer());
Query q = parser.parse(searchTerm);

System.out.println("query : " + q);
this results in the following output:
Java Code:
query : +ID:machine +(supplier:dell supplier:medion) +(HD:200 HD:500)
the parser takes the first part of the fieldname "machine supplier" and puts the default field "ID" infront of it.

Is there a way to let the parser know, that the fieldname is the whole term "machine supplier" ?
Am I doing anything else wrong?

thanks shane