We use a product named DIS that scanners and labelers do their thing and create electronic medical records for wet signature form copies that we must store. This product was created in Lucene and iTextSharp (to create the PDFs).

The product stores the Index info in a file that looks like this: _d3f.cfs - a bunch of garble with the indexed files listed in the middle.

In development of making a Tree View (in FoxPro) for our electronic medical record software, we manually extracted the files (we parsed the file to grab the Titles) and the tree view is working.

Now comes the part of developing a nightly routine to grab our index titles and it looks like we have to use Java or C# to do it because we have to use Lucene.

Does anyone know the very least I need to grab the .cfs and have it make me a listing of file names? Has anyone ever tried to just grab the titles? :confused:

From the Lucene website, I gathered I should be looking for an .fdt or .fdx file but I have searched the entire server and the only this we have pertaining to the file names is the .cfs files.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. I have been trying to code my own in Java but my Java is 12 years old.... (as in haven't used it in 12 years!)