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    Default Introduction

    Lucene is an open source search engine, originally implemented in Java by Doug Cutting distributed under Apache Software License. Lucene is currently available in programming languages including Perl, C#, C++, Python, Ruby and PHP.

    Main applications of Lucene include

    Full text indexing and searching capability.
    Internet search engines, single-site searching.

    Lucene's logical architecture takes document as a container of fields of text. Hence file format is unimportant for the Lucene.

    This is just an introduction, We will have lot of arguements coming here relating to this topic in this category

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    quick and informative introduction
    i didnt know it

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    Default Lucene index logical view and running time

    Thanks for introduction about Lucene.

    I'm newbie in Lucene.
    I'm trying to search for logical data structure of Lucene Index.

    Does it use binary tree ?

    I would like to find out why Lucene can search text so fast and determine its running time for searching and indexing.

    Anyone know about that?



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