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    Default Lucene search with French words

    I am using Lucene Search.

    I have uploaded french file with following content.

    multimédia francophone pour l'enseignement du français langue étrangère

    If I search for francophone then it shows file in search result.
    Now when I search for multimédia or français or étrangère word it does not show any result.

    I have tried to use but it is still not working.

    How can we search french words(like multimédia/ français/ étrangère) ?

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    I don't know how about french, but with Lithuanian symbols I use SandarAnalyzer and everything works fine.

    Lithuanian speech has specific symbols like french. For e.g:
    Some Lithuanian symbols: ąčęėįšųū.

    And using SandartAnalyzer the search works fine.
    Version of Lucene 3.0.2

    Hope this helps.

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