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    Default Getting error when indexing full wwwroot site

    I am getting this error

    "An error occured while Parsing an XML document"

    when I try to index a complete website from the root (wwwroot). It does not happen when I index a directory under root (wwwroot/docs)

    Can't find any information on this? Anyone?


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    Since this is a programmer's forum, I am assuming that this problem is based on a program you have created. If not, then what you need to do is contact the creators or supporters of the program you are using. So having said that, can we see your program code? Can you take your code and whittle it down to the bare essentials -- enough to demonstrate the error but without any extraneous code? Please use code tags when posting code. Some of the links in my signature might give you some hints that help you help us help you (phew!).

    Best of luck!

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