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    Default can lucene be the solution for my environment

    hi there, I'm verry new to java and lucence, so please be patient with me ;)

    I have a network drive (x:) on a windows server. In one folder there are let's say 1'000 folders (flat, no sub folders) with about 10'000 documents in it.

    I guess it is not a problem to index all this files (most of them are office files and pdfs)

    But now my question. Is it possible to greate a kind of a file, where the name of the folder will be written in it. This file or the name of the folder will be a part of a script, which will open an application with the "foldername" as parameter. Sounds strange I know, but here maybe a example to explain it:




    x:\mainfolder\folder0001\something01.doc (Titel: Test Document)
    x:\mainfolder\folder0001\something02.pdf (Titel: New Search Function)
    x:\mainfolder\folder0001\something03.txt (Titel: Readme / Structure)


    Now, when somebody would like to know something about the new search function he will see after the search all the results and one of them should be


    PDF Document: New Search Function


    If one click on the "PDF Document: New Search Function" he should not be able to open the file nor the folder of this document. Instead of this the foldername "folder0001" should be written in a file, or a batch files should be created.

    Hope you understand this situation and I would be glad to get some good advices or even a solution.

    many thanks, cheers fw
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