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    Default A question regarding apache Lucene usage


    I have a web-content extracted in a text file. If I feed it to lucene,
    can I find the following by using lucene queries:
    1> Top 10 most frequently occurring words
    2> Bottom 10 most frequently occurring words
    3> Longest phrase that has occurred more than once.

    This is my first time working on lucene and based on my initial
    reading I am not able to figure out if Lucene is a good choice for

    Thank you in advance!

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    you can do that, as these facilities fall under category of new techniques like the flexible full text indexing , faceted navigation and relevant search exhibited by lucene. Lucene is decent in its working , else u can go for its counterpart Solr which is also fine.
    Check out this link for more information: [java-dev] File Handle usage of Lucene IndexReader. - Search by Lucid Imagination

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