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    Default Searching index with special chars


    I am indexing the data with option "Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED" so that I can fetch it later.

    But If i search the index data with the special chars then expected result wont come up. I am escaping the search string as well :(

    -- Code Snapshot --
    Java Code:
    doc.add(new Field("id", "a+b-c", Field.Store.YES,Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED));
    Java Code:
    searcher = new IndexSearcher(IdxPath);
    QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("id",
    					new StandardAnalyzer());
    String escapedString = QueryParser.escape(searchStr);
    Query query = queryParser.parse(escapedString);
    Hits hits =;
    query.toString() shows the "b c" (Without the Quotes) and this is surprising for me..

    Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.


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    If you want to get text with quotes, first you need to give that text with quotes becouse now query parsing only text between quotes. Try this:

    doc.add(new Field("id", "\"a+b-c\"", Field.Store.YES,Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED));

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