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    Default How to index the special characters in Lucene


    I'm new to the lucene. I downloaded lucene 2.4.1.
    I have one xml file which contains few special characters like '', ',' ' etc.(these are Danish language elements).
    How can I search these things.

    When i'm indexing my documents i given instace of DutchAnalyzer as an argument to IndexWriter Class.

    After this when i search for the content which contains the danish elements .. Still it is not able to identify.

    Please tell me how to use DutchAnalzer in my application. Sample example or series of steps helps me.

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    Try to unicode those characters in your xml file, the java tool native2ascii will convert your characters to unicode.

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    Default How to index the special characters in Lucene


    thanks for your reply. There is no way to change the content. We need to index them using diffenent analyzers which are available in lucene.

    I found one analyzer which will work for Danish elements. But i'm unable to know how to use it.

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