Telecommute only at half rate.

Hire me at half the normal rate you would pay a Senior Java developer.
And we’ll make it a fixed price.
I’m a researcher and I’m promoting the Pojo Application Server.
It’s the only server of its kind in the world, and its much more powerful than an EJB server.
The catch, the half rate only applies if we can apply the Pojo Application Server to the job. If it doesn’t do the job, money back, but technology selection must be within the Java/Web ambit, using the PAS.

I research technology and sometimes we invent something wonderful, like the PAS.
You’ll have a Bsc MBA Java developer that’s done it all working on your project.
If you can, try keeping the job fairly small the first time, but if possible choose something that you know an EJB server just cant do, something complex.
In theory a PAS development cycle should be half that of an EJB server, so this
Promotional job should break even. I'm putting the money where my mouth is ;)

Try this just once… the code will be heavily documented so that your IT people will find it easy to follow. You will never use EJB again, and probably wont need us again, its a very easy machine to use, once you see it done once.
Naturally you need to be able to create a rough description of the Job.

Thanks for helping launch this new server,
Contact details on the site.