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Thread: Parter in Game

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    Default Parter in Game

    Im young,so i cant really pay anyone,but i want to make a indie gae,and need someone to help me.anyone round 12 - 15 would be ok.

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    Default Re: Parter in Game

    Just to clarify, you're looking for partners between 12 and 15 yrs of age? You may wish to post this in a game programmer's forum as I think you'll have better luck getting a good response.

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    Default Re: Parter in Game

    Yeah i wouldnt mind working on something with someone else. Oh, and im 15.

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    Default Re: Parter in Game

    Ok, I'm 12 and I have the same exact problem. Partners. I have experience in making games, but need partners. I am in it to learn, teach, and for the heck of it! Just give me an idea of what you can do by email at For qualifications, what I can do, and what I need help on, contact info, just go to

    I look foraward to working with you!

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