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    Default [free] Beginner looking for project


    I just finished the last programming java lesson in school, with a project and think im ready for new challenges.
    I got a big interest in games, but there is surely much more that is more interesting, so just feel free to ask :)
    What i like to do now, is to join some sort of project for free, and do some easy java-programming, since im not that hardcore, my goal is to learn, and you receive some free work.


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    I'd just program something that you enjoy. Try starting out with something small, like pong, and then go from there.

    Or if you're looking for a challenge, check out project euler: Project Euler
    How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
    Static Void Games - GameDev tutorials, free Java and JavaScript hosting!
    Static Void Games forum - Come say hello!

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    Sounds interesting, think ill try making some "easy" games like pong maybe pacman :).. thanks for reply.

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