I was wondering what project i should start nothing BIG

also if anyone would like to help too that would be great i know abit about java from coding Runescape Private servers but that teaches nothing also ive been planning on making a game for ages now and i just want to start making it asap!

Here is a description i wrote up

INGORE TITTLE that will be changed

December 9th 2010 * Magic Star *

This game is written in java and is based on a RPG ( Role playing game ) which is currently in development.

*Aims of the game*
To gain levels by defeating monster (Npcs)
Do quests and gain ablitys to diffrent quest, areas and items
Earn respect from people all around the world the more respect you have the chances of getting Staff or respected player which will have some rights to clean up "Magic Star"
Combat - Attack Strenght Defence Magic
NonCombat - Thevie , Slayer , Pot making , Farming
The listed skills are for the beta test and there will be more added if we achive more players then there will be more skills for players to do

Ok so lets talk about the Client gameframe and how it will be designed.
Maybe i could draw a qucik Preview of what it could look like.
Something around like that so there will be a boarder and tabs at the top locating the site and credits and maybe donations from people who like and see this game succseed.

the gameframe will be slightley edited that was just a drawing what the GF could look like
Back to the Server
Programs that will be used for this project

Adobe Photoshop - Sprite draw
Adobe After Effects - Video creating / Media
Adobe Dreamweaver - Creating the website.
Eclipse - the game structer
3D modeling program - to model npcs and characters / items
Animation - A program that can do animation work.
Map Making - To make maps

December 10th 2010
To be continued...